We Believe in Compassionate Care

    Let us show you what compassionate care truly means. For over 15 years, we have proudly served the Central Valley community. Each one of our patients is a living testimony of our commitment to providing the highest quality of care. We believe quality home health care means helping our patients achieve optimal physical and emotional well-being.

    Our licensed healthcare professionals work diligently with physicians to develop treatment plans based on your individual needs. Our multilingual and multicultural staff include nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, social workers, home health aides, and administrative personnel. We constantly strive to improve the quality of life for those whom we serve by providing a patient centered approach to our care.

    We care about you; let us help you live independently in the comfort of your own home.

    Meet the Team

    Image of Shawn Kaleka

    Shawn Kaleka

    Chief Executive Officer

    Image of Nick Sanchez

    Nick Sanchez

    Chief Operational Officer

    Image of Brent Wilson

    Brent Wilson, M.D.

    Medical Director

    Image of Simran Kaleka

    Simran Kaleka, Esq

    General Counsel

    Image of Jessica Cross

    Jessica Cross, RN

    Director of Nursing

    Image of Deborah Favila

    Deborah Favila

    Assistant Administrator

    Image of Dave Parada

    Dave Parada

    Director of Business Development

    Image of Kendra Albanese

    Kendra Albanese

    Director of Therapy

    Image of Drew Branch

    Drew Branch

    Therapy Supervisor

    Image of Heather Rangel

    Heather Rangel

    Director of Social Services

    Image of Kimberly Bowe

    Kimberly Bowe, RN

    Quality Assurance Supervisor

    Image of Harjeet Jeeti LVN

    Harjeet Jeeti

    Quality Assurance/Wellness

    Image of Erin Gibbard

    Erin Gibbard

    Quality Assurance/Wellness

    Image of Blayne Gowens

    Blayne Gowens

    Community Liaison

    Image of Ottavio Borgia

    Ottavio Borgia

    Community Liaison

    Image of Robert Casarez

    Robert Casarez

    Community Liaison

    Image of Matt Soto

    Matt Soto

    Community Liaison

    Image of Tanner McFerrin

    Tanner McFerrin

    Community Liaison

    Image of Kristin Turnage

    Kristin Turnage, RN

    Clinical Support

    Image of Mike Gibby

    Mike Gibby

    Financial Director

    Image of Laura Aguirre

    Laura Aguirre

    Claims Analyst/Biller

    Image of Karen Cote

    Karen Cote

    Claims Analyst/Biller

    Image of Theresa Summers

    Theresa Summers

    Intake Supervisor

    Image of Maria Valenzuela

    Maria Valenzuela

    Intake Coordinator

    Image of Oscar Rivera

    Oscar Rivera

    Intake Coordinator

    Image of Jay Peloian

    Jay Peloian

    Weekend Intake Coordinator

    Image of Melissa Rivera

    Melissa Rivera

    Weekend Intake Coordinator

    Image of Catherine Sullivan

    Catherine Sullivan

    Scheduling Supervisor

    Image of Sergio Macias

    Sergio Macias

    Scheduling Coordinator

    Image of Tyler Rivera

    Tyler Rivera

    Scheduling Coordinator

    Image of Jordy Munoz

    Jordy Munoz

    Scheduling Coordinator

    Image of Monica Flores

    Monica Flores

    Orders Management/Community Liasion

    Image of Ray Arnold

    Ray Arnold

    Orders Liaison

    Image of Amanda Favila

    Amanda Favila

    Executive Assistant

    Image of Camron Jones

    Camron Jones

    Office Liaison

    Image of Natalie Rodriguez

    Natalie Rodriguez

    Office Liaison

    Image of Stefani Anthony

    Stefani Anthony

    Office Liaison

    Image of Samantha Hinojosa

    Samantha Hinojosa

    Office Assistant