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Compassionate Care Hospice

Compassionate Care Hospice

Compassionate Care Hospice is here for you during your, or your loved one’s, most delicate time. The only requisite to start hospice care is a terminal diagnosis. Hospice staffing services, supplies, medical equipment and medications are a fully covered benefit under Medicare Part-A and the Medi-Cal program in California. Medications provided must be directly related to the hospice primary diagnosis.

Starting care is easy…

Step One

Please call us at:  1(559)-432-2003 to speak with a Hospice Nurse and get more information about our Hospice Care.

Step Two

If Hospice is determined to be appropriate, Compassionate Care Hospice will send your physician an order to be signed so that services may be established with us.

Step Three

A Compassionate Care Nurse will come out to you or your loved one’s home to perform an evaluation and begin care.

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